Couponing Success.

I love when I go to the store for a couponing trip and all goes as planned.  You always read stories of when people goes to the store and run into rude cashiers who don’t know their own store coupon policies or managers who don’t want to be bothered and they don’t give you a chance to explain to them anything at all.  I have had some of my best and worst shopping experiences using coupons.  Its has it major ups and its major downs.

When I got my paper delivered on Saturday morning I did my usual routine of checking the sales ads to see who had good deals coming up and what coupons I would need to round up, print or try to trade.  I noticed on the first page of the Rite Aid sales ad they had Stayfree Maxi pads on sale 2 for $4.00 and you also get a $1.00 UP reward on your Wellness card.  I was excited because Stayfree had a coupon for $2.00 each one but they limit it to a max of 4 like coupons in each transaction.  I had a few of the coupons from the free sales ad the leave in our apartment building on Thursdays and since no one ever takes them I usually get to keep them all.

I have to say when I went to Rite Aid on Sunday I didn’t know what to expect and so my natural instinct was to grab some other items so I wouldn’t have to deal with any problems about getting the maxi pads for free.  However while there I didn’t see anything else I wanted and anything I did want they didn’t have in stock.  So I just headed for the register and told the cashier that I had two transactions and she replied that it was fine.  She scanned the first four packs and then I handed her my coupons.  I was ready to pay my tax but to my surprise it was a zero sale – meaning that I owed nothing.  She picked up the intercom phone and called for a manager.  I immediately expected that it would be problems.  She must have sensed my mood or read my facial expression because she turned to me and said “I just have to get manager’s approval because its a zero sale.”

Zero due


When the manager arrived she showed her and the manager said ok that’s fine.  I was so surprised.  I have had employees and managers tell me that I can’t use a coupon if an item is on sale and after my coupon it was free on so many occasions that I didn’t even expect it to be so easy.  The cashier then asked if my second transaction would be the same and I said yes so she asked the manager to stay for me to do it again the second time and then she handed me both my bags and said “Have a great day!”  I knew I had to blog about it.  Its rare to find such nice cashier and managers who are easy to work with at times.  They both made my day.

My 2 $1.00 UP rewards that will post to my Wellness Card

My 8 free packs of Stayfree


I was super excited about my score and I do plan to use them but if you don’t use Stayfree Maxi Pads and you can get it for free or almost free consider getting them and donating them to a good cause.  Women’s shelters, churches, even schools can use donations of maxi pads.  You can do this with just about anything you can get for free or cheap they can make good donations, or care package items or even gift bag items.    Happy couponing….


The Submissive Wife



2 thoughts on “Couponing Success.

  1. I live in Las Vegas and we do not have Rite Aid anymore. One of the grocery stores here had those stay free pads on sale for $1.99 too. I used that same coupon but I had to pay the tax. I’m pretty jealouse that you get all of the coupon inserts. I usually only have 2 of any given coupon. I guess I should try to bribe the mailman

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