Being Controlled

A few short weeks ago I posted a blog about my battle with hypertension since giving birth to my third child in May.  Well its been a constant battle and after numerous doctor’s appointments and lots of prayers from me, my family and my friends, I am happy to say that my blood pressure is finally being controlled.  Now the file at my doctor’s office reads “Controlled Hypertension”.  See the great thing for me that finally after a test run of three different drugs, I have finally got a combination of two drugs that keeps my blood pressure at goal.  My goal is 140/90, yes I know its not ideal but its way better than it was before.  As long as I can keep it down below those numbers for my next three doctor’s visits then I reduce my trips to Kaiser to just ever few months unless there are issues.  I am happy about this however I don’t like having to drug myself up to feel better and so my goal is to continue with my reduced salt intake and exercise as soon as I get clearance from my doctor.

I am however sad because while there I was given another medication to help treat the unexplained headaches I have been experiencing since giving birth.  As a migraine suffer I am used to headaches but these are new and like nothing I have ever dealt with before.  Its very hard getting much rest with two toddlers and a newborn, but at times I can’t even get up because my head hurts so badly.  I hope this medication works well because if it doesn’t soon I will be undergoing a new series of test to make sure that something is not being missed.  Between sleepless nights, baby bottles, doctor’s visits, and everything else life has its just been so tiring.  Now its officially been six weeks since the birth of J.B. the new worry becomes Postpartum Depression.  This too is no stranger to me.  After the birth of my second child I was in a horrible tail spin of depression and it took me a while to get myself out from under it.  This time I am hoping to combat it by taking out all that I feel and not bundle everything.  Yes I am overwhelmed but I am blessed that Steve sees when I just can’t go on even though I try hard to seem like Superwoman and he steps in and take over, even when he has to get up early for work.  So I toast to my blood pressure being controlled and I hope that this is not a lifelong health battle but if it is my burden to bare I continue to ask God for the strength to get through for my kids.  I do want to get old and travel the country with my hubby.


The Submissive Wife



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