Silent Killer

So if you are my friend on Facebook and have been paying any attention to my statuses you would know by now that for the past few months I have been battling Pre-Eclampsia and Hypertension.  My third child was delivered early by emergency induction because I developed severe pre-eclampsia and since the delivery it had yet to return to normal.  High Blood Pressure is not stranger to me at all, both my mother and father suffer from high blood pressure and since I am no longer sporting my skinny college figure it could one day affect me.  Well that day has come and is shinning on me ever so brightly and it just doesn’t seem to want to leave any time soon.

Now that I have a combo of two different medicines working together to try to manage my hypertension i figured it’s time to really take a look and what’s plaguing me and what I can do to help get this fixed as soon as possible.  The first thing I get in my Google search brings up the words ‘The Silent Killer’.  As I search more and more pages I see facts about heart disease, stroke, angina, and heart attack just to name a few.  Now I start to think to myself, I am only 29 years old and now I am looking at so many possible serious aliments in such a short space of time I went from being healthy (aside from a few symptoms of pregnancy) to facing some serious life altering decisions regarding me health as well as my family.  Stressing about this is useless because it will only make my current condition worst so I have tired my best to not allow it to bother me.  Whenever anyone asks I always respond with “Oh I am doing fine,” but deep down I wonder what would happen if this proved to be of some detriment to me.  I have decided to change my family’s eating habits and try to cook healthier meals and snack options for us all and I plan to eliminate salt from my diet.

I am going to beat this and be healthy again soon.  Keep watching as I update my progress with my fight against a silent killer.


The Submissive Wife.


One thought on “Silent Killer

  1. Great article babe, I we get through this safely! I admire your strength and patience! You are truly my queen

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