1.2 – One week and Two Days….

One week and two days ago I had an emergency induction and delivered my son three weeks early due to Severe Pre-eclampsia.  He was not my first baby but it was the first time I experienced high blood pressure in pregnancy and had to face all I did to bring him into this world, however I would do it all again in a heart beat because his eyes light up the room and when he smiles it the best thing anyone can imagine.  He is a blessing and an amazing gift from God and a testament of love and commitment.  This is not my first baby and the gap between J.B. and Trey is only three years, but this once again new mom is wiped out.

It just seems like I am not alert as I was before, or maybe I am just getting readjusted to have a newborn baby who wakes several times a night.  I feel like I am in collage again, 2AM is now my best friend and me, Steve and J.B. have sunrise watching parties, or so at least it feels like we do since I am not doing back to sleep again for more than twenty minutes until 5AM has passed.  This guy is a night baby just like his older brother.  I figured that much especially since when he was in the womb my bladder and ribs got the most kicks between those same hours.  I just hoped he would somehow change those habits at birth.  Boy was I wrong.  It wouldn’t even be that bad if I could sleep in late but I can’t its summer and the sun rises so much earlier and than means once its bright in my room I have to get up, but J.B. is also a late riser.  I hope that translate to him being a big time mogul.  He seems to not need much shut eye but then again like the doctor said he just doesn’t know when its night or day yet so in a few weeks he could turn around and we all could be sleeping like babies during the night.

Oh did I forget to mention I have already been peed on three times?  Yep I sure have, every time I give him his sponge bath and he gets the out his diaper for too long I get wet.  He just relaxes and soaks up the whole place, LOL.  I know that was coming but I didn’t think it would be this soon.  Not the mention the diapers.  I forgot just how many newborn diapers a new baby can go through.  Thank heaven for my friend Theresa who got us a box as a gift and Amazon Mom for the great diaper deals.  Soon I’ll have to start stacking up on size ones from Costco.  He changes clothes like a run way model and it seems like I have to change blankets twice a day.  I am reminded that no matter how much I think I am prepared things could and sometimes does go differently that what you prepared for, I should have gotten those blankets from Babies R Us last week then they had that good sale, but such is life.  I am sitting here looking for something to watch on Netflix and and writing this blog and I see my newest bundle of joy is fast asleep and it dawns on me that I am breaking the biggest rule of being a new mom.  You must sleep when baby sleeps in order to get rest and not feel so burned out.  On that note I think I am going to say TTFN and hopefully I will write again soon.


The Submissive Wife


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