What Would You Do As A Parent?

So today I am reading my Facebook posts and I come across one from Cafemom about a teacher in California that got suspended from his job because a student called 911 to the classroom.  You can read the full article here.  Now to just give you a gist of what happened.  This teacher was trying to get the attention of his class so he rattled a desk and one student was disturbed by his behavior so she left class and called 911 reporting the teacher saying that he was angry and possibly throwing objects.  When the police arrived the rest of the class was quite while the teacher was in the middle of the lesson.  However the school placed him on administrative leave with pay pending an investigation.  He has never had any complaints filed before nor did any of the other students felt the teacher was out of line.

Now I have long realized that I didn’t grow up in the some society as my younger siblings and as a parent I know that when my kids are in school it will be even more different.  What would you do as a parent if you received a phone call from your child’s school saying that they are responsible for calling 911 into the school for this same issue?  What the teacher wrong?  Was the student wrong?  What should the parents of this child do?  Its so much you can say about this story and just makes you think what we are doing and how it affects our children and they things they do in life.


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