The Princess and the Frog

I know I haven’t written a blog about cooking in ages but  I haven’t stopped making new dishes.  I have actually been doing it just don’t have much time to get here and sit and write out what I have to say.  Needless to say we watched the Princess and the Frog the other day with Kennedi and I was inspired by the movie to try and finally make the gumbo I was going to make when we had New Orleans night.  I know I didn’t post about that either but I will have to post those pics of the Po Boy Sandwiches that I made and the Hurricane cocktail I also made for that night, when I download them from my camera.

So watching the movies I decided to make gumbo and beignets.  I found the gumbo recipe on a website that had lots of different gumbos to try and give you a base to start from.  It was super easy and simple to make and follow I would highly recommend it.  The beignets were a little harder to find something that I wanted to lock on to but I found one by Emeril and I used his Sweet Beignets recipe.  These were probably not your typical beignets but they were good to me and Steve.  It had a very crunchy texture on the outside and nice and airy on the outside but it was a short cut recipe but I think its my go to one from here on out.  Check out the pics below.


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