Six Degrees of Separation – SayNow

This morning I was on Yahoo looking for my daily read to press for my blog and I found a video that lead me to Twitter.  I follow Tyrese on there and saw a link that he post quoting “did you know think”, curious I clicked and ended up on a site playing a voicemail message left by Tyrese to all his followers who are subscribing to his site.  So I was listening and at the top it has a link to find people.  I click anticipating to find regular people but to my surprise it reads “bringing real voices and real people together.”  What that means is that you can now get messages from your favorite celebrity that is registured on the site when ever they post them.  You can even leave messages for them or just listen.  Now those six degrees that separate us is starting to seem a little less when you are getting more insight into these people’s lives.  My little sister is a huge Chris Brown fan so I know she will love that I am leaving his link oh and I didn’t forget Ann here is Trey Songz just for you

Now I don’t know what lots of these messages say.  It could just be information about things these people have coming up concerts, appearances, movies things like that but you never know when they may be personal and actually share.  Move aside Twitter and make way for SayNow, the new it thing in the social networking world.  Its new so it will take time to get all your favorites involved but hey you never know.

Peace and Blessing.

The Submissive Wife



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