Walmart Was Naked

Last night we went to the store to grab a few last minute items for our new dish night. Now usually this is not a big deal and things would be cool but here in Winston Salem we are currently under a winter warning advisory till tomorrow.  By the time my hubby got home it was already snowing for at least two hours and it was starting to accumulate on the ground.  When we got to Walmart the parking lot was filled.  I had to fight to get a cart because they were all gone and the line were so crazy.  I looked at Steve and wondered if this was Y2K happening all over again.  It was like we were in 2011 and everyone was worried about it becoming 2012.  I couldn’t believe my eyes.  I mean how much snow could we possibly get.  Since we have been living here for the two winters it has snowed twice.  This is only the third time.

So I decided we needed to hurry and get out this mess soon.  When I started to walk around the store I started to realize what was really happening.  Walmart had no ground beef on the shelf.  For that matter they only had about 15 packages of beef in the section.  All there store brand white bread was gone.  Even all the baked goods were gone.  I couldn’t believe that it was just so bare.  So we continued to walk around to get our items and all the cheese was gone, all the soy milk we had to fight to get Kennedi some whole milk in the jug and people were grabbing those as fast as the stock person was putting them on the shelf.  All the butter was gone and most of the margarine.  I stated to think it was the end of the world and here we were in one of the biggest stores that carry food and Walmart was naked.  The shelves were so bare you could see the ‘Made in China’ stamp on all of them.  Juice, cereal even the fresh produce was picked over and gone.  I was surprised they still had water and toilet paper :).  I was just ready to leave that store and get home.  Because to us it wasn’t much especially the last time we went to Baltimore it was in the middle of a snow storm so this couldn’t be anything.  However we have learned that people here don’t like to do anything when it snows.  Its like the whole world is coming to an end so we just decided to hurry up and get home.

We woke up this morning and the lights were still on, although you are not hearing much traffic on the road.  A truck drives by about once every five minutes but would you believe to me we didn’t get that much snow.  Its funny because I won’t allow Steve to go out in this weather.  LOL I guess I am getting to be like the rest of Winston Salem this is just too much snow after having 70 degree weather on Wednesday.  Check out some pics of our little snow storm.

Happy Saturday.  I will be back tomorrow with new dishes from our South Florida Night.  I should also mention this little storm put a huge dent in my menu plans so we are not having any Daiquiri’s like I planned but I am still trying to do the rest.

The Submissive Wife



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