An Affair With Lamb

So a few weeks ago I was doing our monthly grocery shopping and I came across a great deal in the meat section.  There was one package of lamb breast (ribs ) sitting in the section and it was such a great price I had to buy it to try it.  I have had lamb before once in my entire life when Steve and I were dating  he took me to this restaurant in Towson and I had rack of lamb.  I have always wanted to attempt to make the dish but I was always too worried to try it and as time passed on I got worried about spending the money to buy the lamb and then ruin the dish.  So I was scared.  I am really  not the rib authority in our house.  I divert all ribs and stuff like that to the hubby.  Well then I had to figure out what to do with them also.  Well I just decided to BBQ them in the oven.  I cooked them low and slow for about 2 hours and then I uncovered them and raised the heat up to finish it off.  I used a dry rub that Steve created for a pork loin we had a few weeks back and it was excellent.  It was very different there was lots of fat because I didn’t trim it off, I kept it to lock in the juices and not dry the meat and that helped but I think it was great and Kennedi loved it.  She kept calling it chicken but the cleaned all the meat off the bones.  Check out the finished dish.

lamb ribs

lamb ribs

the bbq lamb ribs

I hope that Mr. Pork forgives me for stepping out on him with Mr. Lamb but it was a good affair and I think I am gonna see Mr. Lamb again so he will just have to get used to it.  Next time I am gonna try something a little different but who knows we will see.

P.S. I tried the black beans and rice dish again and it worked this time.  I think it was a good look.

black beans and rice


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