New Dish Night 1/22/10

We are here again nearing new dish night.  I was thinking long and hard about what to do this time and I just couldn’t focus on one thing and then out of no where it hit me – Mexican Night.  Steve always talks about how he loves Mexican food and how since he moved he can’t get any of it so I started to browse around my favorite recipe site and found two dishes that I want to try.  First up is Angela’s Awesome Enchiladas

just a pic on the recipe site of what it looks like

Then I thought I need a good side dish to go with this and I already have rice and black beans so it was just about finding the right recipe.  I am going to use this easy Black Beans and Rice recipe.

black beans and rice

Last of all I wanted to make a desert and I didn’t know what I could make.  I kept thinking of things to try and I remember this bread I would always see and was curious about so I decided to look and I found it.  I am also going to take a long shot and make Conchas (Mexican Sweet Bread).


I will be sure to post pictures of my dishes so you can see how the night went.  Wish me luck.

The Submissive Wife.



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