Chicken Tikka Masala update

So as you all know last night was new dish night in the Stephens house.  I was so excited I couldn’t wait to make my dish.  Well let me tell you what happened.  First off I killed out pour little griddle.  It was old anyhow but now it makes the task of having pancakes for breakfast anytime soon pretty impossible.  I guess we will be shopping for a new griddle and a stove top grill as a matter of fact in the near future.  About the dish it was looking great, smelled wonderful and everything looked amazing.  Here the finished product in the pot.

the finished product in the pot

Here is the kicker.  It was super spicy.  The yogurt didn’t kill the spice at all.  I couldn’t enjoy the dish as much.  See I am a firm believer in not using Cayenne Pepper.  I don’t like it at all and I always seem to use too much.  Well what was to spicy for me was perfect for my husband and my brother in law.  They enjoyed it much.  Trey on the other hand got mad when some of that heat was on a piece of chicken his father gave him.  LOL.  Well it was an adventure and I will do it again, just not with the pepper and see how the dish turns out. I will give it 4 stars.  Besides the heat it was perfect.  Look out for my other post this week about what new dish is coming to our house next Saturday.

The Submissive Wife.



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