New Dish Night

When Steve and I were dating I started doing a thing called New Dish Night. I used it as a way for me to make new dishes I have never made before and improve my cooking skills at the same time. Back then we used to do it on Friday nights and get a movie and just stay in and relax after a long work week. However as much as I like the idea it seemed to only work during the slow times at his job, since he worked in student activities he was always busy with that or Masters classes. Then Miss Kennedi was on her way and new dish night became Hello GBMC Night, and before you knew it I stopped doing it all together.

Well Steve and I have a favorite restaurant in Towson, MD called Kathmandu Kitchen. They have the best indian food I have even had since moving to the United States. If you don’t know about my cultural background let me just share a little bit. I was born in Trinidad. My entire family (father, mother and siblings) moved here in 1996. If you don’t know anything about Trinidad do some research you might find something interesting but we have a huge Indian culture and influence in food and religion, I don’t know too many Trinis that don’t eat curry. We love us some sorry. Any how, when I found the place I was so happy and it was another way to share some of my culture with Steve. Plus it was one of the only places I could eat and the food stay down when I was having Kennedi.

As a matter of fact we got engaged there.

That’s a picture of us sitting at the table Steve said we got engaged at. I said it was the table behind him. LOL. Anyhow when we would go there I would always order the same dish. I would always get the Chicken Tikka Masala and it would come with this amazing rice and this wonderful cream sauce that you could pour on the rice and eat, OMG, its making me hungry now just blogging about it. Its an amazing dish and you don’t have to worry about the curry or spices because its chicken marinated in yogurt and spices and then its cooked in a tomato and cream sauce. Well two days ago I thought about our favorite restaurant and since we live in Winston Salem now I know I wouldn’t be getting this food. So I thought – New Dish Night! I decided to look up the recipe online and make the dish myself. Yes I am making my second indian dish. I have already made curry chicken before. I am so excited. I couldn’t believe that I found the recipe on for it. I can’t wait to make it. Tomorrow is the big day and I will have to be sure to post pictures of the finished dish. Here’s to hoping its just as good as theirs.

The Submissive Wife.

That’s a picture of the dish. I hope mines looks as good.

P.S. Here is the link to the recipe on allrecipes.


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