Holding On For Dear Life

Facebook has become a major part in lots of people’s daily lives. Its apart of our daily routines now, like bathing and brushing our teeth, we just have to find the time to check our facebook. I know this to be true because that is the case for me. My husband even added net to my phone so that I could check it on the road when we are making our long trips back to Baltimore to visit my family and our friends. There are hundreds, maybe even thousands of apps on the site, more things to occupy your time even more and pull you in even further. There is something for everyone to have fun and stay connected to our family, our old friends and new friends and now our gaming friends (who I know from experience can become some very good friends).

A friend of my post a comment on her wall from an app called God Wants You to Know. I found it so though provoking and blog worthy I knew I had to write about it. Here’s the thing I have been avoiding it for a bit. This is the second time this same app has encouraged me to come here so I decided to add the app for myself. Today I am not writing on what it shared with me thus far even though I am sure I will in the near future I think I have to write about how this post indirectly affected me.

Here is the post the app gave her: “that joy will come when you pass on the love you have received. If you hoard love, it melts away. If you lock love, it breaks free. If you grab on to love, you end up holding an illusion. When you let love flower in its own way, it stays to support you. When you pass on love, it multiplies beyond measure.”

Now this can be viewed in so many different ways but when I read it something about it spoke to my childish ways. I know we can all think of a time when we were dating someone and thought that person was our life. We though that if we didn’t have them the world would end and we just couldn’t deal with that. Have you ever choked love before? This made me think of when I was dating my husband. We were good friends and shared alot with each other. He may not like me telling the story but when we met he liked me first but when I met him I was grabbing on to another love so tight I could feel it slipping from my fingers everyday but still I held on for deal life. I didn’t want to let go, all I thought about was the fact that we had been dating for some time and I didn’t want to start over again. My heart was breaking in so many ways but I still wanted lock this love to me.

I think now that God did that because really he wasn’t ready for my love either it would be years before we started dating. I remember it like it was yesterday. It hit me like an epiphany, I had feelings to this man and I was becoming attracted to him beyond a friendship level. The thing is when I was ready he wasn’t and it took work and true honest and self reflection for us to be where we are now. We both had to learn things with each other and about each other to allow the other person’s love to grow into its own. We are still learning and growing in love and with the help of God and our continuous prayers we are getting much better at it. But think about it. Have you ever held on to love so tight to get what you wanted? Did you ever hold on for dear life? Did you hold on to someone that has broken free of your grasp? How are you now sharing love to benefit you? I often ask myself if I had to at this point would I let love go to see if it returns. My answer is yes. I love my husband with all my heart and I will have to trust that he will always choose me. He did it once and I believe he will do it forever. I will always be his choice and he mine.

The Submissive Wife.


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