Do you praise your husband or wife? I find that often its easier for us to criticize the ones we love before offering up praises to them. For instance, my husband loves to be complimented when he cooks. He likes to hear the food tastes great or if I have any suggestions for the next time he does that recipe again. I on the other hand almost always forget to give him his praise. I don’t compliment him often when he cooks I just inhale the food and thank God that I didn’t have to cook it because after all I am getting break.

Its funny I can type this now because I am almost certain the next time he cooks I won’t remember to pay that compliment either. But sometimes people just like to hear that you think they did good. Yes even your spouse. Now its amazing that my same husband who wants praise for cooking meals don’t do the same for stuff I may do. He always says well that’s your job. See I am a SAHM, so no one tells me good job on the floors today it looks extra shinny, or wow the windows is super clean, or dang the bathroom is pinesol clean and smells great. Even though its my job to do those things, just knowing that someone else notices my work makes all the difference. Think about it. Don’t you want a pat on the back from your boss when you do good at work? So why not do the same thing in your own home. It begins with you and then when you have children it will be the same and it always encourages good work and makes people feel appreciated.

Next time your husband or wife does something practical that they do always give them some praise and see how far it goes.


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