I wonder – my facebook questions

I was talking to my hubby about some random stuff and I just decided to see some other people’s feelings. And before all the gossips start any drama with my life I am putting this out there that none of it is about me or my relationship with my husband.

1. Why would any man in a committed relationship who lives with their (wife, finance, girlfriend) invite another woman to their shared living space to chill at 12AM or later. Especially when their other half is not at home. As my mother says there is nothing open past midnight besides legs. So what in the world do you plan to do with that person? If you can’t bring her home when your girl is there then you show know dang well she shouldn’t be there when your girl is not there. Just saying…..

2. Ladies don’t think I am not getting on you either. Why is it that its all good to be the other woman when he is not your man, but as soon as someone commits to you all that sharing stuff is out the window? If you can sleep with someone else’s husband or man knowing that they are not single then you should not complain when you are on the other end of that equation. Its karma.

3. Fellas good men don’t cheat so stop calling yourself a good man if you have more than one girlfriend. We know that good men are hard to find but it does not give your a free pass to date all the single women you want. Good men are faithful, honest,and committed they just don’t cheat it’s dishonest and wrong.Its a new day so I am adding to my note

4. So I was watching the reality shows on VH1 and there was a promo for the new episode of the Rock of Love Bus show and this one girl was pissed off because apparently she feels its wrong for Bret to take another girl to his tour bus and have sex with her all night long. Now come the heck on, do you really think this man is looking for true love on his show. Have you not seen the other shows. He like sex and wants to have lots of it he is not looking to be faithful to you cause you think you in love with him. Be serious people get a damn life.

5. Oh and ladies if you don’t want other women calling your man all late at night why would you call your male friends late at night? Guys if you get mad if your mother call you past midnight then don’t have no other woman calling you past midnight either. Unless its an emergency, that’s not fair to the person you are dating and if you are married its disrespectful to your wife to have woman calling you at that hour of the night. It don’t matter if you took baths together when you were two, what the heck do you want to talk about so late. And its even worst when that female is drunk or an ex-girlfriend. Oh and be honest with yourself, don’t talk about “She need my help” if she lives in NY and you live in DC for example unless you getting out your bed to drive up there ain’t nothing you can do to help that woman at all. Emotional attachments cause more drama that physical ones. If you don’t believe me ask people who sell their bodies for money.

6. I have another to add. So I wonder why call your best friend (male or female) to bash your spouse/girlfriend? Unless that person is a professional conselor and if they would they would know it’s a conflict of interest to treat a friend what do you think they will say. Especially when that person is your ex. One of the main things needed in any relationship is communication. If your spouse/girlfriend is doing something that’s not to your liking tell them. Don’t go telling the whole world and expect them to grab your thoughts off the wind to get your problems solved.