Palin as President

I was on Cafemom today and ran across this poll and knew I had to share it here. What do you think. Here is the question and how some of the moms there responded. The first post was mines.

Is anyone else afraid for this country if something were to happen to Mccain and Sarah Palin were to be the President?

She is not ready to be the president of this country and people fail to look at that. I’m actually afraid for the future of this country.

My answer….

I would wonder what will happen because if for some reason he were to die she would become the next President, and tikigoffess, Obama was never Muslim he was born in Hawaii he is an american. In order to run for the office of the president you have to be a natural born american citizen. He was mainly raised by his white mother and PI step father. His father who is African left he mother when he was young. I personally would of liked for Hilary to get in but since she is not I think that Obama will be just as good but I just get worried about this old man and this woman from Alaska to run the country. He could have picked someone better if you asked me. It was a political power play because he feels like the country would vote for the woman before the black man and he may be right but he still fumbled with that pick in my opinion.

Some of the other moms posts.

You think it’s better to have a former Muslim run the country? Like the old adage goes, “You can take the boy out of the city, but you can’t take the city out of the boy!”

She will not be the President. She would be the Vice President. And I disagree with you. I think they would be great leaders for this country. You say she is not ready but Barack Obama is the real inexperienced one. I personally would have voted for Hillary Clinton, but unfortunately she didn’t make the ticket. If I decide to vote, I will vote McCain.

I disagree with raenad…in the event that John McCain did pass, she would be a good leader. And I know that Hillary has way more experience, that is why I voted for her in the primaries, but my vote didn’t count. I’m in Florida. And I don’t believe that Hillary REALLY backs Obama, she backs her party (democrats.) And frankly, I do not believe that Obama is the best representative for that party. I will not be so much as voting FOR McCain but as I will be voting AGAINST Obama.

I dont think George Bush has done a terrible job. I like him. The only thing I disagreed with in his administration was invading Iraq. He should have gone after bin Laden, not Saddam. I don’t disagree with the war, though, because the President, ANY President, takes on the responisiblity to protect our country. And as for the troops…people say all the time that too many people have died in the war but when our soldiers DECIDED to join the military, they knew there were risks, because we ARE at WAR. And I appreciate the soldiers who risk their lives and gave their lives for MY freedom. GOD BLESS THE USA…

Nope, I’m afraid for our country if Obama is voted into office. a man that doesn’t believe in the pledge of allegiance and removes the US flag from his plane should never be in charge of this country!

I think Palin is a quack!! I feel like the only reason McCain chose her as his running mate was to try to “unite” the women. Maybe he figured he would control the womens vote?!? I think she is a nut… for example, her interview with Charlie Gibson- she didnt even know the answers to half the questions!!! And did any of you hear the “rumor” that in Alaska she wanted rape victims to pay for their own rape tests? (I dont know how accurate that is- correct me if any of you know the truth on that one!) It just is appalling that all of a sudden its not Obama and McCain… its Obama and Palin… they are the “real” candidates. McCain isnt really even in the picture anymore…

OH, and another thing… I think a persons character is extremely important! And I just thought it was so classy that when Palins daughter was discovered to be preggers and all the media started bashing Palin, that Obama came out and discouraged that. He said it was not okay for the media to drag families through the mud… Families dont make the office, the candidates do. I thought that was very chivalrous. It made me sick that the following week, Palin did nothing but crack ridiculous jokes about Obama during the Republican National Convention. She is trashy…. I am glad Obama has been the bigger person

For all of you that say that you would have voted for Hillary how the hell do you reconcile voting for McCain when he is the polar opposite of Hillary and so is Palin. Hillary believes in sex education and is pro choice. Neither McCain nor Palin is. Hillary is for UHC, McCain nor Palin is. It seems to me a lot of you are really bitter and just looking for an excuse to not vote for Obama. His and HRC’s platforms were almost identical. Get over the fact that she lost and vote for what’s right. Palin is inexperienced. McCain is only trying to get the presidency for status not because he truly cares about this country. Just this week it was shown that he was trying to do something potentially illegal to keep people from voting. You have to open your eyes to who you are trying to vote for and not vote for gender or race.

marmystr how much do you really know about McCain and where he stands on the issues. I mean outside of his horrible character(cheating on then leaving the wife who stood by him while he was a POW because she had been disfigured in a car accident) he’s only in this race for status. Dad and grandpa were both admirals. Since he graduated in the BOTTOM 5% of his class and it was obvious he would never be an admiral he turned to politics. He’s a joke

I see some people did not understand the question. Yes if something were to happen to MC Cain, Sarah Palin would be president! If you don’t know this, then it does not say alot to me for your common sense. It would be so scary if that were to happen. She is completely crazy. She was talking like she wanted to start a war with Russia. She scares the hell out of me. OH please God let Obama win. If he does not win, this country is going to only go through worse times.

hmmmm could it be her secretive nature. I swear this family is more secretive that Masons. No one knew she was pregnant, Todd won’t answer his subpoena, she won’t turn over her taxes. Damn why are they hiding so much

It’s interesting that people are harping on Palin … If you can’t win the McCain-Obama debate, just pit Palin against Obama! Sarah Palin is “real” and has exec experience. She’ll be a great leader surrounded by a solid team in Washington. Look at history, and there are “unheard of” VPs who later became outstanding Presidents. And no doubt, we’ll see Hilary again …. maybe in a few years, with a more experienced Obama as her VP! 😉 Too bad he didn’t choose her as a running mate. Yeah, yeah, yeah … I’ve heard the “foreign policy” Biden retort … but I’m still left wondering. Has Obama given anyone a straight answer? I’m voting McCain and Palin, but will support whoever is elected our next President … God Bless the USA. And kudos to all moms for presenting their views and exercising our hard-earned right to vote!

I think she is the best thing since dark chocolate! I can’t wait to here “Madam Vice-President”, and 4 years later, “Madam President”, and I don’t mean Hillary!

Palin is a right wing nut job pure and simple. Bush in lipstick. An ignorant redneck from top to bottom, along with her numerous kids, Trinket, Twig, Puck, Tent, and Budweiser, or something like that.

There were so much more posts but you get the drift. If you want to check it out yourself visit the link.


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