This I got about faith and we always hear about Faith the size of a mustard seed but I felt this was powerful and had to share.

Sometimes suffering can go on for so long and run so deep, that faith begins to falter. We can be desperate for God’s presence, but in our confusion and fatigue, we don’t know how to find him. We long to hear a word from him, but we’re surrounded by chaos and there’s no quiet place to retreat and listen for his voice. That’s when some of us wear out, give out and give up. We decide, in our despair and anguish, that either God doesn’t care or he isn’t even there at all. Sadly that’s what I decided.” ~ Excerpt from the book

If you or someone close to you is experiencing one of life’s many “lifequakes” …from job loss to illness to divorce to the death of a loved one, Mustard Seeds by Lynn Coulter can provide the balm for the soul and a plan to restore faith during troubling times.

Mustard Seeds features 15 heart-warming and soul-bearing essays about Lynn’s struggles through the death of her parents, the financial nightmare of her husband losing his job and enduring a fall which shattered her shoulder.

“The Scriptures tell us that a tiny mustard seed can grow into a plant strong and sturdy enough to shelter God’s weakest creatures. My prayer is that my faith and yours, will grow strong enough to shelter our lives.”

Visit Lynn’s website at to hear from Lynn, download a sample chapter, view discussion questions for small group study and register to win one of Lynn’s nature calendars filled with Scripture, excerpts from the book and her Seeds of Faith found at the end of each chapter.

Praise for Mustard Seeds

“Readers will find strength from Coulter’s story and solace in God’s promises regarding faith and grace.”
~ Publisher’s Weekly

“Reading Mustard Seeds feels like time spent conversing with a dear old friend over a cup of coffee. Lynn’s honest story of how she renewed her faith in Jesus will be a blessing and a source of encouragement to her man new “friends” who’ll read this book.”
~ Mickey McLean, Web Managing Editor WORLD Magazine

“This brave and lovely book will raise many downhearted spirits. Sensitive and thoughtful, it is filled with new beginnings, hope and the wonder and beauty of the search for God.”
~ Amy Blackmarr, Author Going to Ground: Simple Life on a Georgia Pond.



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