Wife Spankings???

I found this while going through my morning emails from CafeMom and I had to share. It just gave me a huge headache and I am not sure how to feel about this. I know that I am against a husband spanking his wife but I know that there are some people who don’t see a problem with it but I just can’t believe what I was reading. Do these women have self esteem issues? Are they taking the bible out of context? Is someone misleading them? See these are things we always have to worry about because these days and in the past, powerful people have misused their powers and lead many of there believers to death. Read these post below and tell me what you think please share with me.

Quote:May I ask where you originally found this at? I got this from MR. poll. it is a place where you can do polls. Polls on EVERYTHING. and I ran accross this one. and I will post some of the comments here , and you can see. Some on here are non Godly though.
I am 20. My husband is 35. He whips me when I do something I shouldn’t. He uses a strap 2 and a half inches wide, a paddle, a switch, or a belt. He makes me remove my clothes and either lay across the bed, or he puts me over his lap. I am whipped until I am crying very hard. He often leaves marks, welts and bruises. I know I deserve the whippings he gives me. I just wish he would not whip me so hard.
Quote:I’m sorry, Melissa, but if you know you deserve the whippings, they need to be severe in order to break you of your naughtiness habit. I’m glad that at least some of your punishments are administered across your husband’s lap. That’s precisely where a naughty girl deserves to be put when her bottom requires disciplinary attention.==========
Posted by melissa on 2001-06-06 14:59:12
I don’t consider what my husband does as abuse. I was raised in a home where the husband was the head of the house. What Dad said went. He spanked my Mom for her misbeahvior. When my brothers, sister, and I dosobeyed, he spanked us with his strap or a switch. My husband just spanked me last night with a strap because I came home later than I told him I was. He spanked my bare bottom until I could not sit. I promised him I would never do it again. I can’t sit today because of the bruises and welts. I guess if it is ok with me I should not worry about what other people think.
I am 40 years old and married to a wonderful man who I love and respect. He is never unfair to me when it comes to my punishments and I don’t blame him for the times he has corrected me. Once was for bounced checks. Once was for driving home so loaded I couldn’t walk and once was for comming home 3 hours late and not calling. Let me say that there was a 24 hour waiting period each time because he never spanks me in anger. Each spanking was consentual. I was spanked unil I cried. Once with the yard stick, once with the belt and once with the plastic spoon. I have to be completely naked as to be vulnerable and accepting. I am put in the corner afterwards to think about what got me there and I am always forgiven. I am not spanked over every little thing and he never yells or calls me names. I am quite content in my marriage and my life and I am glad I am married to a man who is able to protect me, even if it’s from myself!!!!
Here are a few. Now let me say there were a few against this too. They said it was abuse, and these women were being treated as children, or unfairly etc. Some people said these women had self esteem issues etc. The majority of the poll was for it though. This got me thinking. So I posted this.

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