Right or Wrong – Moments With You

Today I found this and it made me want to share it with everyone I can think of. I think this is so good for people who are currently struggling with this type of thing.

Wrong or Right
He has made everything beautiful in its time. Ecclesiastes 3:11, NIV

Dennis Rainey
When you made a covenant to your spouse, it wasn’t just a promise to stay married. It wasn’t a pass/fail exam. It was a sacred pledge to care for and nourish each other—to meet the other’s needs and receive the other—to accept and embrace each other as God’s personal provision for your needs.
But obviously, your wedding vows are made long before you really know the person you are marrying—before years of sharing the same house, the same bathroom, the same dishwasher, the same everything. By then you are aware of the maddening little things that just get under your skin.
It’s at points like these when some husbands and wives conclude, “I think I married the wrong person.” That thought is not abnormal, but it is dangerous.
If that thought has ever crossed your mind, I ask you to think carefully about this timeless advice from author and motivational speaker Zig Ziglar: “I have no way of knowing whether or not you married the wrong person. But I do know that if you treat the wrong person like the right person, you could well end up having married the right person after all. It is far more important to be the right kind of person than it is to marry the right person.”
All of us inevitably come to places in marriage where our objectives and attitudes clash with each other, sometimes pretty strongly. We don’t make it all the way through without encountering stretches of road that are filled with potholes, bridges out and some steep grades. But what would happen if we chose to accept rather than reject, to be thankful rather than spiteful, to give encouragement rather than disapproval?
I guarantee you, Mr. and Mrs. Right are the people in your wedding pictures, even if it hasn’t been looking like it recently.

In what ways has your perspective changed toward your spouse since you were married? Reaffirm your commitment to one another in a short letter to one another.

Ask the Lord to keep your heart contented, committed to a lifetime of not just living but loving one another well.
My question is have you ever felt this way? Do you think about this at all. Did you ever wonder did you marry the wrong person? When we say and feel things we often forget that our own actions are apart of it also and almost never take responsiblity for our own wrong doings or actions. We need to know that in order to make our marriages work we have to be willing to work hard on it as well and not only fault our spouses for their wrong doings. You can’t get mad at your spouse for cheating when you are emotionally disconnected from him (and your marriage) because you are so busy chasing after someone or something else to tell you that you are right when you know you are wrong. When we take our vows we are only making that promise to one other indivudual we need to work harder at actually following our vows and making sure that we are being good husbands and wives. Try this excerise next time you are upset with your spouse try talking to them first about what’s bothering you and if that does not work then talk to God, but what ever you do, please don’t call your BFF, your mother, your father, your sister or brother from another mother, don’t call anyone who is not apart of your union. Make your marriage more about you, your spouse and God and watch it grow and prosper. Please don’t allow satan (outsiders) to influence you in any way. Also try praying for your spouse daily and pray that they understand you more so you can have a stronger relationship. Signing off The Submissive Wife and Mother…. Nicki S.

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